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SAP Oracle ERP Targeted by Hackers

Many of the companies and government agencies are been targeted and thousands more are exposed to data breaches by hackers exploiting old security rules in management software, two cybersecurity gave a study about this. Many companies have highlights the risks posed to thousands of unpatched business system from software maker’s Oracle and SAP. There are […]

All you need to know about SAP HANA Blockchain (for now) in one place

INTRODUCTION: SAP HANA is one of the databases to connect and consume Blockchain information. SAP HANA Blockchain is bringing together Business data and Blockchain data. It can easily get all data including Data enterprise system and multiparty transactions on the blockchain network. SAP HANA Blockchain is a most database of the enterprising system. SAP HANA […]


INTRODUCTION:   In a first part, in the sap application, it is not easy to architect design that needed to be accessed both internally and externally in this there will be confusion which components are required and where to place. In the second part, it shows the traditional application network zoning can be mapped to […]

How is SAP Technology Leading the Digital Transformation?

INTRODUCTION SAP making digital transformation very simple and powerful. The Digital transformation is done by using internet, wireless network, e-commerce and social media for the communication. With the digital transformation through every generation internet is bringing huge opportunities and challenges and it also increase productivity and many business modules are being proposed. SAP PLATFORM AND […]

The Future of SAP Mobile Platform

One needs to focus upon the development efforts on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, which are SAP’s primary solution for mobile app development as well as delivery for the past few years. SAP it is expected has been and will continue to invest heavily in mobile. It is felt that mobility is very essential for […]

How SAP Plans to Grow in 2018?

SAP has no doubt much interesting plans for the coming future, which will see more of the workloads thus moving to the cloud and also there is increased competition across the multiple areas of the enterprise application world. We live in a competitive world and business augmentation is given much priority and SAP applications are […]