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Accenture Fast Track SAP as a Service on AWS

Accenture Fast Track SAP as a Service on AWS

The Accenture AWS business group combines the capabilities and services required to help accelerate your adoption of the AWS cloud. Through the Accenture AWS business group, Accenture and AWS are jointly committed to help you transform organizational processes and skills, adopt a cloud-first strategy to innovate new products and services, operate securely at the global scale, and quickly achieve business results. The Accenture AWS business group helps clients successfully transition to the cloud strategy, migration at scale, big data analytics delivered as a service, and innovative IoT solutions, leveraging the latest and best technologies, tool and methodologies from both companies.

In AWS it is given the in-built security, agility, and scalability, the global enterprises are confidentially moving business-critical SAP production systems and non-production landscapes to the value-added, cost-effective and flexible cloud environment. To support the fast-growing demand, Accenture in collaboration with the Accenture AWS business group launched SAP on AWS cloud offering which operates large-scale SAP ERP modules and S4/HANA systems on the AWS cloud.

As a cloud leader, AWS provides specific differentiators for running SAP workloads such as AWS quick starts, which allows customers to automate SAP HANA deployment in an easy way, easily resize options to adapt to changing business needs, and more than twenty-five SAP certified instances for SAP workloads. AWS also offers a global footprint, featuring many geographic regions, and multi-availability zone concepts to provide robust and certified high availability and disaster recovery design for SAP workloads.

Accenture’s market-leading relationship with SAP spans more than forty years of experience in implementing and operating on-premises and private cloud SAP solutions, and more recently migrating SAP modules to hyper-scale cloud providers. Accenture also received AWS SAP competency partner status.

Accenture’s first SAP on AWS deployment is for internal use as well as many customer pilots and deployments to date, Accenture and AWS established the Accenture AWS business group and the go to market approach was incorporated into Accenture’s SAP cloud center of excellence. Recently Accenture and AWS worked together to help a UK based chemicals company implement S4/HANA as part of a wider green field landscape with fifteen different SAP components.

The deployment timeline was aggressive, and the customer could not provide its HANA on-premises infrastructure in time. Accenture suggested AWS as a faster alternative and helped the customer provides the development environment on AWS in just two weeks. Accenture then built and operated the complete nonproduction landscape, consisting of fifty-eight AWS EC2 instances, 3.85 terabytes of HANA data and 257 terabytes of storage for a period of two years.

As a part of the SAP transition to AWS, Accenture and AWS help enterprise architect their high availability recovery environment, ensuring they are compliant with SAP and their business continuity plans. A traditional on-premises model allows infrastructure to be hosted in the same data center for high availability and in two data centers for disaster recovery.

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