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Comparing SAP and REACH Software

SAP Software has been acknowledged as the world’s largest enterprise based applications Software Company around the globe. Most of SAP’s customer base does consist of very large enterprise accounts which have made significant gains in the small as well as medium enterprise. SAP Software does offer a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications […]

Future Predictions of SAP 2018

How will companies look like in the coming future? In order to answer this question, one has to follow the global trends and observe as well achieve success in the Digital Transformation race. What are the 2018 predictions? What technologies will be actually implemented by the global giants? One has to indeed focus on the […]

The Future of SAP Mobile Platform

One needs to focus upon the development efforts on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, which are SAP’s primary solution for mobile app development as well as delivery for the past few years. SAP it is expected has been and will continue to invest heavily in mobile. It is felt that mobility is very essential for […]

What is SAP IoT Application Enablement?

SAP with the help of its Leonardo offering is enabling customers to transform their respective business by providing required intelligent systems that would in due course integrate with the core enterprise business systems. These will create endless possibilities for the customers to maximize their business values. On the IoT front, SAP Leonardo does provide two […]