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The Future of SAP Mobile Platform

One needs to focus upon the development efforts on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, which are SAP’s primary solution for mobile app development as well as delivery for the past few years.

SAP it is expected has been and will continue to invest heavily in mobile. It is felt that mobility is very essential for SAP. SAP does believe that the delivery of mobile apps is required for customers.

One has much invested in cloud-based Mobile Platform. It is easy to deliver an iOS SDK with the cooperation of Apple mobile card creation capability is there in order to deploy small datasets to mobile devices in a “micro-app” form factor.

Mobile investments that focus on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service include continuous innovations in the SDK for iOS, enhancements to the micro-app tool, and a priority on the low-code mobile developer kit.

SAP will continue to deliver incremental quality enhancements to the customers’ existing on-premises investments in SAP Mobile Platform per SAP terms and conditions.

Customers who are presently on SAP Mobile Platform on premises can consider shifting to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services at their respective conventions. There are many advantages of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

Lower Costs

Operational costs are taken into account involve:

  • Installation (Landscape preparations, automation scripts…)
  • DB administration, incl. backup as well as a quarterly backup sanity check, DB upgrade
  • Patch installation (including testing )
  • Upgrade installation (including regression testing)
  • Hardware upgrades
  • And many more

Faster Access to Innovations

The focus needs to be on innovations in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

SAP Cloud Platform family

As part of the SAP Cloud Platform, one can leverage the full capacity of the rich enterprise feature that is set to be offered around Mobile Services. These start from SAP HANA or ASE databases to runtimes for JAVA, HANA XS, HTML5 and even ABAP you have a full toolbox available to build one’s digital enterprise.

One must keep these aspects in view:

  • A great blog that does explain why one is moving towards SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services that are able to help customers embrace mobility across their enterprise.
  • An over of the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services offerings.
  • An overview of SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services provide much mobility to services and have much to offer to the business operations. They render valuable service for the growth and development of the business. Customers off late make much use of mobile apps and naturally any development in the technological field of mobile apps is much welcomed. Users are always open to new innovative ideas and concepts.

SAP has contributed well to app developmental processes and will continue to do so. Customers will prefer to take full advantage of SAP Cloud Platform Services to enhance their business.

We live in the competitive world and the same applies to the app world as well. It is important that app is developed and continues to develop as the mobile world is ever-changing world and is open to new ideas.

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