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Upskilling SAP Professionals in the digital world

Upskilling SAP Professionals in the digital world

One has to face stiff competition in the business world and therefore it is essential to equip oneself well with various skilled technological applications. A multi-channel program approach has to be taken. SAP Learning Hub is the answer. One has to lower the costs and bypass obstacles with instant online access to SAP’s vast reservoir of knowledge as well as learning content.

What is the focus upon?

  • A complete repository of given multi-modal content across the specified SAP solutions as well as beyond
  • Collaborative learning with the help of instructors and peers via the SAP Learning Rooms
  • Hands-on experience with SAP Live Access
  • Internal corporate learning reporting carried out via the underlying

SAP Success Factors platform

•Gamification towards making learning fun
•Learning needs analyses and User mapping services

Much importance has to be given to designing as well as delivering successful education programs for ERP system implementations at both national cum multinational organizational level. Emphasis needs to be laid on project training. Covering various sectors such as public sector, financial services, utilities, oil and gas, consumer goods and automotive. A holistic education approach needs to be adhered to.

One has to up-skill oneself and learn how to implement a specific solution such as SAP HANA Administration & Operations analytics or even get an understanding of what SAP Leonardo for the Internet of Things (IoT) is.

Where does one really start? One has access to tons of learning resources that are available to one.

What is a Learning Journey?

A Learning Journey is a structured visual guide that helps a learner understand and navigate the complete path to become fully competent with a high-priority SAP Innovation. It actually integrates all of the relevant learning offerings or alternatives from various learning sources including open SAP, Classroom learning as well as all the digital offerings that are available on the SAP Learning Hub or on other public platforms such as YouTube.

What does Learning Journey bring to the learners?

1. Helps learners to understand what they would need to do (or could do) to become fully competent in ensuring the presence of a Solution/Product/Topic
2. Guides learners in their enablement by presenting clearly what options, alternatives are indeed available to them
3. Help them manage their progress and focus.

Other aspects:

  • A new home on the SAP Help Portal
  • Addition of the required search functionality to easily be able to find Learning Journeys
  • Improved filter functionality with given streamlined topic list and also roles
  • Greater integration with the existing SAP Learning Hub with the possibility to be able to add existing Learning Programs that are based on Learning Journeys scenarios
  • Enhanced interactivity of given tiles (tile expansion) that do provide more insight into the available content.

Sleeker design

SAP skills are essential for business growth and enhanced profits. Upgrading and learning these skills is advantageous to business. It is important to be become aware of all SAP applications and ensure that they are applied to business on hand.

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