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INTRODUCTION:   In a first part, in the sap application, it is not easy to architect design that needed to be accessed both internally and externally in this there will be confusion which components are required and where to place. In the second part, it shows the traditional application network zoning can be mapped to […]

How is SAP Technology Leading the Digital Transformation?

INTRODUCTION SAP making digital transformation very simple and powerful. The Digital transformation is done by using internet, wireless network, e-commerce and social media for the communication. With the digital transformation through every generation internet is bringing huge opportunities and challenges and it also increase productivity and many business modules are being proposed. SAP PLATFORM AND […]

What is an SAP Developer?

SAP is the number 1 creator of no doubt business software solutions. It is the fourth largest software company globally and is few notches behind Microsoft. There is the huge market for SAP developers who are well informed about SAP solutions. They are well aware of SAP solutions such as SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Business […]

SAP Business One Software

SAP Business One happens to be an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite that has been designed primarily to serve small to midsize businesses. SAP Business One is made use of to address the needs of several industry verticals that include manufacturing, retail, and service as well as distribution industries. SAP Business One Financials […]

Is The Market Pricing SAP Fairly?

Software-based giant SAP has notably performed strongly over the past couple of years, with a nearly 11% annual growth in revenue. The revenue growth has been seen across various segments, SAP’s Cloud business performed remarkably. It continued to dominate the Enterprise Resource Planning software market, with majority customers adopting its S/4HANA platform since the time […]

Know more about SAP Industry Solutions

Generic solutions are understood not to be able to address industry-specific based challenges. For this reason SAP has created software with industry-specific best practices, processes as well as tools in order to give business to the users for the exact functionality that they need, when and where exactly they need it. Whether one is running […]