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All you need to know about SAP HANA Blockchain (for now) in one place

All you need to know about SAP HANA Blockchain (for now) in one place


SAP HANA is one of the databases to connect and consume Blockchain information. SAP HANA Blockchain is bringing together Business data and Blockchain data.

It can easily get all data including Data enterprise system and multiparty transactions on the blockchain network. SAP HANA Blockchain is a most database of the enterprising system.


SAP HANA Blockchain platform like Bitcoin and hyper ledger fabric. The Blockchain concept is based on collaboration. Its create SAP-centric Blockchain ecosystem, but it enterprise blockchain platforms. SAP Blockchain supports the hyper ledger and multi-chain. SAP Blockchain connects to any blockchain network to services on SAP Cloud platform. SAP HANA Blockchain connect the cloud service and SAP HANA. This requires two components. These are SAP HANA Blockchain adapter and SAP HANA Blockchain service.

SAP HANA Blockchain adapter subscribe the SAP HANA blockchain service in the cloud.it communicates the SAP blockchain service. The transaction which has submitted to block chain of different components are replicated into SAP HANA. Its work directionally transactions in SAP HANA and also find the blockchain. It carefully evaluates the data and stored on the blockchain. The storing data on blockchain is expensive at a central data store. It’s useful for economical. The enterprise-grade database platform like SAP HANA .it’s on chain data available in SAP HANA store. On the chain, data is accessible of SAP HANA advanced analytic, and its export of data.

Why Is It Important?

The Blockchain technology generates new data and with existing system records. Companies will have many transactions generated on blockchain in an early stage of business. The purpose of all data needs to analyzed and presented. The process of a business application will have to interact with multiple transactions including blockchain and enterprise transaction system.

SAP solution with Blockchain capabilities:

The blockchain into manufacturing and supply chain products as sap solutions to the simple process. The SAP solutions with Blockchain capabilities are

Transportation management:

the transportation management and industries simplify trade. Sellers, buyers and banks and authorities share and do all the process in a sequence and hand over ownership of the bill of lading. To reduce frauds and theft the process is been evaluated.

Global track and trace:

it is the end to end tracking and reporting of business process the supply chain networks. The blockchain technology is tracking information to the product. The blockchain technology is positively traced by the process.

Advanced track:

The pharmaceutical supply chain member collaborates with anti-drug agents to facilitate between the supply chain partners in conjunction with SAP information.

Form to the consumer:

The food producers and retailers come together to improve their quality and brand image and reputation by increasing food safety.

Payment fraud prevention:

The buyers and suppliers empower significant improvement of the supplier master data process.

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