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What is an SAP Developer?

What is an SAP Developer?

SAP is the number 1 creator of no doubt business software solutions. It is the fourth largest software company globally and is few notches behind Microsoft. There is the huge market for SAP developers who are well informed about SAP solutions. They are well aware of SAP solutions such as SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Business Objects, and Sybase mobile.

SAP has indeed brought into focus that most software companies do not have their own computer language. One possible role for an SAP developer is to write programs making use of Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP). Some of the SAP projects are also developed in Java.

An SAP is the fourth largest software company globally.

Many of the U.S. based companies do make use of SAP technologies. By rather perusing job posting, one can find some big names: Costco, REI, Nike, even Raytheon.

There are indeed a lot of different roles from SAP systems analyst to SAP architect. It can also be surprised just how much know-how and education these positions do require.


The bachelor’s degree is indeed the typical entry point for a career in software development. Industry-specific knowledge can also be important in the case of an SAP developer, it is often financed as well as business.

Many nationally advertised SAP positions do favor candidates with master’s degrees, much depending on the position; the masters can be in business administration or even in a more technical field.

One requires more experience in higher level software development positions typically asking for experience thus taking a software product through one’s lifecycle.

The bachelor’s degree is indeed the typical entry point for an interesting career in software development.

Those with SAP expertise do often go on to work as consultants. There are two types: functional consultant as well as the technical consultant. The functional consultant is indeed focused on meeting business needs as well as the technical consultant.

SAP Certification

Similar to Microsoft and Oracle, SAP does offer a host of certifications. They are indeed available in technology, development as well as applications.

One can simultaneously earn a master’s degree as well as SAP certification. The masters can be in various fields such as business engineering as well as computer science.

Job Outlook and Salary

SAP developers do earn well, in fact much above the norm. The job role does indeed play a major role in determining salary. Super users and trainers are of course at the lower end. The industry does make a lot of difference. SAP professionals are in the arena of aerospace, defense, and finance, healthcare, professional services and do get very high salaries. SAP mobile technologies do of course represent a growing market

SAP developers quite often earn more than their counterparts at Microsoft.

The number of professionals will indeed grow in the years to come as far as SAP is concerned. It is a challenging area and many professionals would like to build a successful career in it. It is a high paying profession and also very satisfying as a successful career.

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