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Celebrating the achievements of 2017 and setting goals for 2018

Celebrating the achievements of 2017 and setting goals for 2018

No doubt much has been achieved in 2017 as far as SAP is concerned and for 2018, goals have been set-up to achieve further. A plan has been created in order to achieve the set targets.

What is the process being used?

Categorization of achievements into Personal and Professional type:

1. Sub-grouping: Separated work-related achievements from training and qualifications.
2. Rating of each respective achievement on certain scale.
1. Comparing the contributions with reference to a cause.
2. Attending few trainings,
3. Attaining additional qualifications
4. Bringing innovation.

What else?

1. Goal: One has to decide as to what to achieve like for instance acquiring additional qualification.
2. Activities: One must get to know the pre-requisites as well as steps to reach to one’s target.
3. Time: One need to learn whatever is required to know and also plan the expenditure. Learn how much time is required for each step and how much one can spend.
4. Plan: Write the steps down, allocate time, update your calendar and to-do lists accordingly.
5. Control: One must adhere to a particular system and avoid postponing the activities.
6. Review: One has to monitor one’s progress over the weeks and months.

SAP has indeed succeeded in training in several professionals who are well assimilated in the business market. SAP professionals are employed for their expertise and knowledge and are indeed given a lot of preference in recruitment in order to augment business.

SAP and social selling:

The focus has been on social selling and this been achieved by establishing rapport on a personal level. Training has been given much importance and it has been ensured that companies do recruit well-trained SAP professionals. Much has been achieved on this front in 2017 and more is to be achieved in 2018.

In social selling, the focus is on selling and this based on trust and also making use of social media for expanding one’s activities and base as well. SAP has made use of this forum as well.

SAP professionals have achieved much success in the field on account of their grooming in the nuances of SAP. They have been in demand in 2017 in the business arena and even in 2018, there will be a boom in demand for them as their services are well recognized.

SAP innovations have made a remarkable impact upon the market and will continue to do so. The aim of SAP professionals is to achieve greater success in 2018. Importance is given to digital transformation, greater trust and better rapport with the public in general. The idea is to generate more business for the company they are working for and this indeed has been a major reason why SAP professionals have been recruited unhesitatingly.

Why has SAP been successful?

The business strategy adopted by SAP has been very effective and there have been several business growth opportunities and sales methodology has also proved well. Growth and development have been much focused upon.

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