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SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform

SAP application in business is very useful as it generates business and has the potential to enhance business profits. It is utilized by businessmen to enable them to grow and develop and they do expect their SAP employees to be well versed in SAP applications.

The SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform makes use of several forms of reports in order to be applied in the business operations. For example, the Unix/Linux Shell Version of the tool allows the configuration of one’s landscape and also be able to run the Landscape Analysis rather directly from within one’s console.
What there is to know about the Schedule the Landscape Analysis Report?

One can automate the generation of the Landscape Analysis Report by making use of the Scheduling feature. This feature also replaces the old version 1.9 program object and is also managed by the client itself.

When one schedule the Landscape Analysis Report, the support tool does publish a program object to the given SAP Business Objects BI Platform and the object is scheduled in order to run on a schedule of one’s choosing. This is also useful if one wanted to keep a weekly report on how the given landscape gets configured (beneficial for Change Analysis). One can also run the report during off business hours when there are fewer loads on one’s system

New data included in the reports

•SIA command line (Server & Services Analysis)
•Windows Registry Info (Server & Services Analysis)
•BI Web Application customization properties files (Web Application Server Analysis)
•Deployed Web Applications BI product version SP and build (Web Application Server Analysis
•Server settings stored in .properties files (such as MDAS, LCM, DSL Bridge, Platform Search) (Server & Services Analysis)
•BO_trace.ini settings (Server & Services Analysis)
•Deployed Web Applications and deployment descriptor properties (Web Application Server Analysis)
•Oldest Content in Recycle Bin (Content Analysis)
•Corba IOR stub for each BI server (Server & Services Analysis)
•New object counts added (Content Analysis)
•Users with most deleted items (Content Analysis)
•OLAP connections (Semantic Layer Analysis)

New analysis report types

BI Applications Analysis

The BI Applications analysis type does provide much detail on all of the concerned applications that have been installed on the BI Platform. The information that has been gathered here is the same as the details found in the Central Management Console → Applications menu. This type of analysis is useful for troubleshooting, alerting, as well as Change Analysis of BI Application settings.

Timeouts Analysis

The Timeouts Analysis report, on the other hand, does consolidate the timeout settings from all across the requisite BI landscape into one convenient location. Analysis of the data is carried out in order to check for the timeout inconsistencies that arise between the BI web applications vs the given backend BI servers. In case the timeouts are not actually in sync, then it is possible for a session to be a timeout pre-maturely while waiting for a report to be refreshed.

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