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SAP HANA, refers to “high-performance analytic appliance” is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed by SAP. Data now is stored in main memory and not in the hard disk i.e. it is stored in the RAM. It is also a combination of hardware and software made to process large real time data using in memory computing. It also combines a row based, column based database technology.

It is a best suited for performing real time analytics on large data, and developing and deploying real time applications. In memory computing is safe. The sap Hana database holds the bulk of its data in memory for maximum performance, but still uses persistent storage to provide a fall back in case of failure. After a power failure, the database can be started like any disk based database and return to its last consistent state by replaying the log since the last save point. SAP HANA supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server x86-64 is the only operating system. From SPS08, red hat enterprise Linux is also supported. SAP HANA is developed in the C ++ language.

The SAP is hoping to introduce its newest technologies, including the HANA in-memory database, through a new online training program available at no change. HANAs delivering performance that SAP has described as astounding. While initially, it aimed at analytic processing, HANA also supports transactional workloads and has been ported to SAPs business suite.

Open SAP, the programs the first course will provide an introduction to developing software on top of HANA. HANA is open SAP first area of focus, given that SAP is positioning it as they go forward. Future SAP courses could focus on SAPs mobility software, cloud application, and other areas. SAP has actually opened up to informal learning for a while and training efforts.

The open SAP is promising as it marks the first time that SAP education itself seems to be collaborating on informal education. SAP has a long way to go integrating informal learning, community recognition and field tested certification on balance it is a good day for the sap education and a good look for sap. Anything which enables people to consume information in the way of comfortable.

The heart of SAP evolution is SPS 09. It is the latest SAP HANA release. Because it is such a wide-ranging solution to for the latest technology. SAP HANA is the way to becoming SAP platform for all applications and offering new technology. The multi-talent database is simplifies provisioning and management of database workloads. This is also possible for SAP customer to hardware capabilities by using a higher percentage of a system processing.

This is especially SAP hardware solution partners and more powerful systems and an impressive number of sockets and available threads. SAP HANA results in more simplified architecture and reduce capital expenditure total hardware and licensing. Smart data streaming is the capability of analyzing millions of events per second in real time.it handles the big data. SAP HANA has risen over the past few years and has the investment in hardware to support it.

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