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SAP builds out HANA platform and ecosystem

SAP builds out HANA platform and ecosystem

SAP HANA cloud platform is a step for faster innovation for customers, partners, and SAP as well as manage all the problems and adapt business models to take advantage of today’s innovative and digital world. SAP enjoys a network of over many thousands platform partners with almost 300 now leveraging the SAP HANA cloud platform to build new and innovative applications, which make a step for the growing portfolio of SAP solutions.

Experience with HCP as an important development platform gives customers more choices, rapid innovation and an application landscape that reflects their business needs today and in the future. Nowadays many businesses needs for new or changing business processes is constant because of the continuous cycle of business and innovation. The development of this point reflected the customers’ business at the start of the project.

Now with the SAP HANA cloud platform, partners and customers can benefit that can be easy and dynamic application environment using the constant framework to quickly innovate, differentiate and run an organization’s digital area and tangible layer in the business.

SAP has also been updating HANA through a series of service packs, which it provides new functionality without the pain and hassle of a traditional upgrade. Service pack number six is now generally available and with it brings a few features. The major new features of it are smarter data access which can examine a query and determine the most efficient way to check it across a company’s database.

Other developments in pack consist of the natural language processing, application development tooling, and disaster recovery. The data capabilities of HANA allows for applications that combine business and location data in real time. This can be of interest to companies with the large amount of expensive, capital assets, energy utility etc.

SAP expects the HANA enterprise cloud to significantly slow that the adoption rate. HANA enterprise cloud is a managed service that customers can use to run their SAP business suit, customer relationship management, and business warehouse software on HANA. This type of HANA uses a bring your license model where customers buy HANA licenses and then migrate them and pay the additional fee for other services. Here it will be possible for the customers to negotiate the cost for the services.

HANA is now linked with the Sybase power designer for data modeling and Sybase ESP to process streams of event data. SAP has also integrated the Sybase SQL Anywhere embedded database and Sybase replication server with HANA. Which works internally to identify the HANA capabilities, SAP has made efforts to create a partner ecosystem for the platform in both the industries top players and as well as start-ups also. Hosting providers like Accenture, IBM and the other few are joining a new partner program for HANA enterprise cloud. It expected that this program will help these companies to run in the same way as HANA enterprise cloud but in their own data centers.

The SAP is also planning to expand its spending’s on capital funds for HANA aimed at start-ups. Some start-ups are now involved in the start-up focus program.

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