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SAP unveils HANA Enterprise Cloud service

SAP unveils HANA Enterprise Cloud service

The SAP HANA enterprise cloud service is offered by own data centers through the SAP. The HANA was initially aimed at analytic workloads and it has also transactional applications such as SAP business suite ERP(enterprise resource planning). The SAP HANA enterprise cloud is customers can instead consume SAP HANA based applications as cloud services. It’s an option that simpler, leaner, faster and cheaper.

HANA enterprise cloud capabilities are really important such as provisioning hardware and disaster recovery. The HANA will be run for top performance and SAP is doing a lot of work building. The utilities and administrative tool for its cloud. The power of SAP HANA is without maintaining a data center infrastructure. And with SAP HANA enterprise cloud is no need for special hardware and no capital expenditure.

The HANA instance adds and remove the nodes and perform other tasks through a graphical interface. SAP services have been migrating the workloads to the HANA cloud. The cloud services are the size, scale of data and applications. SAP had already offered a limited version of HANA on web services and that is intended for development and testing purpose. The HANA platform is aimed at application developers and encouraging applications with HANA.

The SAP will offer the SAP HANA enterprise cloud service through its own data center and network facilities. The customers identify the data based on specific requirements for transactional volume. It’s an SAP open ecosystem strategy.

Actually, so many companies are currently building applications with SAP using a cloud-based and HANA powered platform. SAP HANA enterprise cloud is only simple applications are well suited to run in the cloud. Many research analysts have announced reviews about SAP HANA platform since SAP HANA has become available in the market for a cost. Enterprise cost will not have many restrictions. Sap founder and chairman promised that enterprise cloud would be a less expensive way to buy SAP HANA.

Moreover, SAP did not publish its pricing information, one of a research analyst pointed out that in an interview with v3s Rosalie Marshall. In fact, SAP has never published pricing info on HANA, except to confirm that it won’t wheel and deal on HANA pricing. On all of that above, SAP is now using a bring your own license model. That is, it means an enterprise can use this cloud they already must have bought SAP software the old method way through software licenses.

So this is more like a first step towards converting SAP from a software company to a cloud-based platform company. It also helps SAP combat oracle that SAP is way behind in cloud computing. SAP envisions its cloud to be an ecosystem similar to amazons. SAP says t already has sixty customers running applications on the SAP HANA enterprise cloud and above forty start-ups building applications for the platform.

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