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Top 2018 SAP Business Trends

SAP trends are interesting to take note of this year. Have a look!

Trend No. 1: Digital turns into the transformational norm. Is one’s company ready?

One has been referring to digital transformation for years, but now it is taking place in a big way. Organizations are well and will be well articulated in digital transformation strategy by 2020. What’s more, investors will also make use of a company’s platform and ecosystem as a key metric in valuation in the same timeframe.

Developers are indeed creative thinkers as well as technology experts of the digital revolution. One has to access the right data sources, and also mash up the required information and also apply analytics capabilities which are done by the developers. It is for this reason that vendors such as SAP are providing the technologies, as well as the required help to developers who need to get started easily.

Trend No. 2: To Innovate. Does One Have Required Skills?

Cloud computing has indeed moved innovation to the edge thus making people smarter, and also more immersive, contextual services than ever, whether we are in the workplace, at home, or here and there. Have a look at three IDC predictions:

  • By next year, nearly 40 percent of the digital transformation initiatives will indeed make use of AI services.
  • In a span of two years, 25 percent of the given field-service technicians and over 25 percent of the information workers will make use of augmented reality. Fifty percent of mobile apps will be using voice as their primary interactions, while 50 percent of the consumer-face Global 2000 companies that will be making use of biometric sensors to personalized experiences.
  • By 2021, over 50 percent of the enterprises will be spending more per year on bots and chatbot creation than the traditional mobile app development.

Staying much ahead of these trends is very essential for the developers, especially being in the business environment. One may assume that one is well equipped with business skills, but the market is changing so rapidly that the business set up has to keep pace with it. In other words, the developer will be constantly learning and expanding.

Developers have to properly rethink how they can design and build applications for a new kind of openness to drive new business processes across the networks.

Trend No. 3: Multi-level, open connectivity is essential. How well connected is one?

Connectivity implies bringing about dramatic breakthroughs for businesses and what the developers are in need of most. By 2021, IDC over the half of Global 2000 companies will be conducting one-third of digital services interactions through the open API ecosystems. By 2021, enterprise applications will be shifting to hyper-agile based architectures, and 80 percent of the application development on cloud platforms will be using micro-services and cloud functions. This would enhance every organization’s digital reach far beyond their own respective customer interactions.

Blockchain-enabled applications are a good example of this new connectivity. IDC predictions are that by 2020 there will indeed be blockchain networks in the production, which are primarily divided between global banks (25 percent), manufacturers and retailers (30 percent, and healthcare organizations (20 percent).


Developers have to indeed rethink how they design and build up applications for a new kind of openness to drive new business processes across the required networks. Developers will also have to think about opening up a required program for expanding participation.

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