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SAP 2018 Strategy and Roadmap for Business Intelligence Webcast Recap

Digital is bringing about many technological changes. Analytics do remain top CIO priority to drive the insights.

The SAP is also much investing in digital transformation and ad legal disclaimer does apply to the fact that the future items are indeed subject to rather change.

The focus is upon the concept “One platform for all analytics” with the laser focus on hybrid thus allowing one to embed analytics in one’s application.

The basic idea is to provide intelligence that does include machine learning as well as bringing into analytics processes.

There are indeed five areas of focus for the SAP Analytics product strategy:

  • All analytics on one cloud-based platform
  • One common & simple user experience
  • Hybrid (laser focus)
  • Embedded in apps
  • Deeper & more meaningful logic & context-driven insights.

One should try to provide intelligence that includes machine learning, and also be bringing into analytics processes.

SAP does provide analytics that is much designed for apps all across the entire business network from sales & marketing to of course supply chain, HR, and Finance.

Other SAP strategies:

  • BI, planning that predictive to grow and run as well the business.
  • BW/4HANA = redeveloped for modern data warehouse
  • SAP Analytics Cloud trying to bring in BI, predictive and planning together on SAP Cloud Platform
  • Digital Boardroom from shop floor to the top floor; call center operations, 360 view

In 2017 SAP did also launch Analytics Hub which happens to be a key part of the hybrid strategy.

SAP said they heard “too many tools” years ago and had been on a journey to simplify portfolio to enable one to deliver use cases…

SAP Analytics has indeed “lowest cost of ownership”.

BI on Demand, Lumira Cloud is different from Analytics Cloud.

In fact, it is before one takes the on-premise solution to cloud and it need be helpful but not transformative.

Now on takes note of the power of BI, planning as well as predictive and other aspects are:

  • Drill down into Data Discovery use case – Analytics Cloud and Lumira Discovery
  • SAP Analytics Cloud is becoming a default solution for cloud solutions
  • Connects to on-premise data
  • Strong focus on a single solution will benefit

Adjusting Lumira roadmap to focus on quality, performance; ratchet back innovation on the Lumira Discovery

What there is more to know about SAP strategy?

The focus is upon hybrid use cases and hybrid solutions in order to bring together best of the cloud and on-premise software.

A” use-case approach” is taken to all of the portfolio decisions

The question that arises is will there be innovations in Web Intelligence. One will have important innovations and a strong roadmap for Web Intelligence that includes a native time dimension and enhanced universe query connector for the purpose of SAP Analytics Cloud. The focus is also on full bi-directional interop between SAC and Web Intelligence.

Analytics Hub is also a key component that is going forward for hybrid strategy. A single view of all analytics applications, it is an agnostic front end.

Hybrid is indeed holistic and not only embraces technology but also licensing as well. In fact, SAP Analytics Cloud will no doubt have a natural language generation, Smart BI.

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