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The scope of SAP SD for fresher

The scope of SAP SD for fresher

SAP sales and distribution (SD) is one of the worth modules of SAP ERP(enterprise resource planning) system. It encloses all the information regarding customer and services. The organization deals with shipping, selling, and transportation of goods and services. Actually, the SAP SD module is specially designed to facilitate the following business-processing an enterprise system is data of customer master and material master, sales order, deliveries, pricing, billing and credit management.

The SAP ERP sales and distribution of the logistics module and it the customer issues related to the quotations, sales order, and billing.it is the collaboration with the MM(material management) and PP(production planning modules.) the organization is to update sales price and observe the open orders.

The SAP SD modules:

Sales and distribution are one of the important modules of SAP services. This module is comprised of several constituents called submodules. These are

SAP SD master data:

The master data track each and every transaction within the data. The sales and distribution of master data comprise both customer and material data. This module includes the process of order and cash.

SAP SD basic functions:

It is an effective process across all basic functions involved in sales and distribution services. The basic functions are pricing, output and etc.

SAP SD shipping:

Sales are closely related to the shipping and delivery. Products need to be shipped and delivered to the customer. There are different methods of shipping and module tracks used for each delivery.

SAP SD sales:

Sap sales and distribution of details of every sale is taking place. Recording the product to customer details, pricing, feedback and the sales process. Everything is tracked to the module.

SAP SD transportation:

This is works to the hand in hand with the shipping. The transportation for each product track of all the transportation data.

SAP SD foreign trade:

This helps to the data related to foreign trade including both imported and exported products. This module works best for enterprises with trade across nations.

SAP SD billings:

It is the key part of the transaction system.

SAP SD sales support:

Selling and maintaining of the production process and customers interact with the sales team. The data is exchanged between the sales team and customer services. The product is recorded and reported through this module.

The scope of a career in SAP SD:

SAP sales and distribution determines to the key figure in the development of specifications and requirements and implementation of product order to delivery process. The business process and all are linked to order packing, delivery and shipping.

The candidates with good knowledge in the area of sales and distribution as well as managing live projects and the implementation of sap sales and distribution module. This position offers great incentives and the overall performance of candidates.

To pursue SAP SD certification an individual need:

Any MBA degree in sales and marketing .fresher with experience in direct marketing and sale also SAP SD. The knowledge about the sales and distributing processes. The candidate must have an idea about the supply chain process, business terminology, and ERP system. The candidates an ability to work in teams, good communication skills.

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