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Future Predictions of SAP 2018

How will companies look like in the coming future? In order to answer this question, one has to follow the global trends and observe as well achieve success in the Digital Transformation race.

What are the 2018 predictions? What technologies will be actually implemented by the global giants? One has to indeed focus on the upcoming trends in 2018 and also see what SAP has to offer in the company culture.

Cloud 2.0

Cloud is gaining much popularity. Companies do require it to assess their cloud supplier’s ability to support an expanding range of use of the cases. In recent years one can notice that there has been a rapid increase in the number of companies deciding to take advantage of cloud solutions. Companies take advantage of a cloud as it meets up to their current needs.

In Cloud 2.0, the focus is indeed being put more on the understanding of data and also the methods of making use in the best possible way and also to improve the processes of digitizing companies.

SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP is no doubt an answer to Cloud 2.0 trend which is the SAP Cloud Platform. On account of this the focus is on the development. It does allow in the creation of agile business apps. It does offer a comprehensive developer environment and the solutions are also built on this platform that integrate easily with company systems with the help of dedicated connectors.

The company does offer solutions for transforming the typical company systems. Their cloud equivalents do include for example:

  • SAP S4/HANA – an innovative ERP cloud system
  • SAP Ariba – a cloud-based purchasing platform, developing and simplifying functionalities concerning managing suppliers
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – a cloud shared CRM solution which ensures an increase in sales efficiency and customer service and also contributes to building long-lasting relations with clients

Artificial Intelligence

how can companies benefit?

According to IDC’s forecasts:

  • 40% of initiatives related to Digital Transformation will be taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence by the year 2019.
  • In 2021 75% of corporate apps will also take advantage of AI, and more than 90% of consumers will be going to work with customer service bots, and also more than 50% of the new industrial robots will certainly take required advantage of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is applied in several aspects of life, in fields like the health service, production, customer service, sales, or marketing.

SAP strategy SAP is divided the services and products related to Artificial Intelligence into three fields:

  • Apps which do include financial solutions as well as conversational applications.
  • Business services such as Service Ticket Intelligence or even HR services.
  • Functional services which involve API that are based upon such technologies as image classification, topic detection, or similarity scoring.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things concerns devices that are connected to the Internet. Data is gathered from them and is used to create analyses. It is made use of in many sectors such as sports and fashion. IoT is also used in the functioning of enterprises. It is also made used in plants, offices, or even at the operating table.

The cloud environment of the SAP Cloud Platform offers the possibility to be able to quickly create and develop apps taking advantage of the Internet of Things. This does allow the connecting of car fleets, resources, and anything connected to the Internet of Things.

SAP also tries to simplify implementing IoT business applications. They are used to:

  • Have insight into data from supply networks,
  • Improve the security of car fleets and make logistics networks more efficient,
  • Have insight into market data.

The SAP Connected Goods solution allows connecting, monitoring, and controlling specific devices. These may be refrigerators, coffee machines, or for that matter even vending machines. The application does include a notification function, remote monitoring, as well as integration with the back-end system.


The Blockchain technology is usually discussed in the context of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It also consists of storing data such as property rights or transaction reports in a decentralized and distributed manner based on the peer-to-peer architecture.

The technology is also used in business and regulated trades like finance or law.

Companies do prefer innovative technologies to be applied in their business strategies:

  • Making use of efficiently of diversified data.
  • Security.
  • Technological synergy in order to improve processes.
  • Automation of processes and decision-making.

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