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How to Apply – ERP with SAP Certificate

SAP as a study has become very popular today and many are opting for it as a career. These prospective students are finding out about course details and how to apply for it. Much information is available on online and other media sources. It is essential know the procedures of applying so that one does not lose out on the admission process.

ERP with a SAP certificate is a much pursued affair and students need to be informed as to how one can apply for it. Let us have look at the procedures involved in its application.

Here is an example as to how to apply:


Applicants need to have completed 60 credits of coursework in order to be eligible.

The ERP with SAP Certificate requires the following prerequisites that must be essentially met before enrollment in the program:

MIS 204: Introduction to Business Information Systems (3 credits) Introduction to the use of information systems in business organizations.

SCM 301: Business Logistics Management (3 credits)

Management of logistics/supply chain processes.

College level courses that are similar to either or both of the above prerequisite courses may perhaps be accepted. Program faculty will also review one’s transcript and determine if the required courses can be substituted for the prerequisites.

Applicants who do not meet the prerequisites may take both MIS 204 and SCM 301 in an accelerated hybrid format in fall 2017. Please note that SCM 301 has its own prerequisites.

How to register

Are you a Penn State student?

If you are a current Penn State student, please visit LionPATH to register.

Not a Penn State student?

Complete the Nondegree Enrollment Form – Undergraduate

(Click on: Nondegree Enrollment Form – Undergraduate)

Students who have previously completed their nondegree enrollment and activated their LionPATH account should use LionPath to be able to enroll in classes. Registration may also be completed in person at the Continuing Education Office in the Slusser/Bayzick Building on Monday–Thursday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m.–3 p.m.

Students who register in person, but who have not already completed the nondegree enrollment form and activated their LionPATH account, will need to wait an additional two days to enroll in classes in person.

The nondegree enrollment form must be received in the Continuing Education Office one week prior to the start of the session.

Once the nondegree enrollment form has been processed, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to finalize your registration allowing you to register for classes.

Here one has been exposed as to how enrollment of the ERP with SAP certificate takes place and similar norms are practiced in other institutes as well. Penn State is one example and other admissions are also done in similar fashion. Online admissions are also there and one has to follow the instructions that are given to register.

SAP study is expensive and one has to think twice before undertaking it. Nevertheless, the remuneration received after completion is very good and one will gain a lot in one’s SAP career.

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