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Career of a SAP Analyst: Salary, Requirements and Career Information

Career of a SAP Analyst: Salary, Requirements and Career Information

One would like to know more about SAP analyst job requirements i.e. salary details, qualifications, and nature of work. It is a challenging field and naturally many would like to pursue it. Prior to embarking on the career of SAP analyst, one must make the required inquiries about the job.

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) analysts have to ensure that his or her respective company is operating efficiently. By collecting the required data, one can derive how a business can increase production and thus increase the profits of the company. SAP analysts must hold a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or a similar field.

What are Essentials of SAP?

  • SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) produces the software that is designed to make companies operate more efficiently in a variety of areas, including finance, information technology (IT), manufacturing and purchasing.
  • SAP analysts also make use of SAP software to determine and communicate the required changes that are needed in a company’s business processes.
  • SAP analysts also develop, test and implement solutions.

What qualifications SAP analysts require?

  • SAP analysts require at least a bachelor’s degree and the common majors usually include information technology and computer science.
  • Common majors do include information technology and computer science.
  • Coursework that is beneficial coursework might include classes in computer programming, computer architecture, systems organization and advanced mathematics. Students also might consider taking minor courses in communications or business to develop the professional cum social skills that are necessary to work with other employees. Some of the undergraduate programs in IT as well as computer science do require participation in an internship.
  • Not all of these undergraduate degree programs include enough experience working directly with the SAP software programs or its applications. In order to supplement this training, some of the universities do offer SAP certificate programs. Classes often cover software integration, customer service business relations, and third-party vendor product protocols.

Other details of nature of SAP Job:

  • 21% projected job growth for 2014-24 for all the computer systems analysts.
  • Average Salary (2015) – $90,180 for all computer analysts.

SAP Analyst Salary

Judging by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a computer systems analyst makes on an average annual salary of $90,180 in May 2015 (www.bls.gov). Salaries were, of course, highest for those employed in the mining support activities and the securities as well as commodity exchange industries, with average annual salaries of $112,430 and $109,070, respectively. As of May 2015, the states that did pay analysts the highest salaries included the District of Columbia, California, New Jersey, Virginia and New York.

SAP Analyst Career Information

According to the BLS, jobs for computer systems analysts were expected to grow by 21 percent between 2014 and 2024. However, these numbers only reflected projected job growth in the U.S. Since SAP software is used globally, there may be more job opportunities for analysts who are willing to travel.

SAP analysts consider reoccurring problems within the structure of a business, brainstorm potential solutions and implement software changes. They also maintain systems by running scans and reconfiguring software as needed. Sometimes, analysts are responsible for ensuring that all applications and networks run in accordance with legal guidelines.

Analysts also may be assigned to special projects, such as training employees to use new software applications. Some projects may require working with team members from various professional backgrounds. Once assigned to a project, analysts might participate in figuring out project details, writing up manuals and making budget projections. Analysts must present project plans for approval prior to starting the implementation process.

SAP analysts must have a thorough understanding of technology, computer software, marketing, business production and a number of other interdisciplinary subjects. These professionals can look forward to fast job growth and a salary that approaches six figures.

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