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What there is to know about Business intelligence (BI) solutions?

What there is to know about Business intelligence (BI) solutions?

The availability on the premise or perhaps even in the cloud, the business intelligence tools do put actionable information at the users’ fingertips. One can make use of the BI tools to eliminate guesswork, monitoring key metrics and gaining valuable insights into the behavior of customers.

SAP Analytics Hub

Empowering of more users in order to make better decisions with the appropriate analytics that are available to the right user at the right time is an issue which needs to be looked into. SAP Analytics Hub does indeed simplify access to the analytics that is scattered around the multiple heterogeneous environments that grant the users with actionable insights without compromising on agility.

SAP Analytics Cloud

One can get answers to complicated questions in a matter of few clicks with one’s cloud-based business intelligence software. This real-time BI solution does let one blend the data from different sources thus creating compelling data visualizations, and also being run on ad hoc reports.

Why SAP for business intelligence?

Business benefits: Exploring the current state of mobile BI that includes use cases, demand trends as well as business benefits.

Customer Reference

Both SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects BI solutions are used to gain greater visibility into variations in clinical care for patients that are experiencing heart failure, pneumonia, or undergoing surgery at its facilities.

Analyst’s Perspective

SAP Business Objects is no doubt the de facto standard for the respective Big Data analytics in an organization around the world. It is important to learn how to apply the solutions of SAP Analytics.


Exploring one’s solution capabilities and also seeing how they work together in order to meet one’s end-to-end business intelligence needs

Data Visualization and Analysis

Leverage the user-friendly based self-service visualization tools in order to combine data from multiple sources, analyze the trends, and tell stories that do captivate audiences.

Share business insights across the organizations that are usually easy to understand as well as communicate.

Data Dashboards

Promotion of better decision-making much across one’s organization with much compelling, insightful data dashboards and apps that do make one’s numbers easy to understand at a glance.

Create interactive, role-based BI dashboards that deliver trusted and aggregated data to decision makers – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Creation of a better enterprise reporting system which is meant to guide one’s overall business intelligence strategy.
  • Delivering meaningful insights in order for employees, customers, as well as partners.
  • Getting instant answers to one’s ad hoc business questions as well as easily sharing one’s findings.

How to find out how one’s BI products and applications are of help to improve one’s decision making at every level of one’s organization?

SAP IT Operations Analytics

This has been built upon the SAP HANA in-memory platform, one’s ITOA software breaks down based information silos and does provide one clear visibility into one’s network as well as devices. One has to collect, process, as well as analyze the massive volumes of one’s streaming data from any source as well as resolve IT issues in real time.


Building a solid foundation with a data warehousing solution that has been designed for real-time transactional cum analytical processing environments. SAP BW/4HANA does empower businesses to connect the historical data with live data in order to achieve in-the-moment analysis as well as decision making.

SAP Roambi

Creating and publishing mobile BI reports, charts as well as dashboards and then sharing them with one’s team on any device. These given mobile reporting tools can also help one quickly transform the data into rich, highly-consumable visualizations on the go.

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