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What are SAP training costs all about?

What are SAP training costs all about?

Prior to enrolling for SAP course, one has to decide upon the budgetary provisions that one could allocate for SAP training. It is important to know the cost. It is deciding factor for enrollment.

It is interesting to become aware about the SAP training costs in various parts of the world.

What does SAP Training Entail?

SAP training is normally considered to be the initial step in the world of SAP consultations. It is essentially required for learning technical as well as functional features of various types of modules of the respective SAP program. Although, it is totally possible to be able to earn SAP for free as well on one’s own. Yet, most people prefer to follow an SAP course and do not mind spending upon it as it fetches dividends later on in their career. Also, it is necessary to know that in Asia (India and other countries), SAP has made it obligatory to take SAP training from prescribed authorized SAP training providers in order to pass SAP certification.

SAP Education Processes

Provider of SAP education is part and parcel of SAP training and involves both training as well as certification. Several courses in SAP are provided to the students to choose from and he or she can select whichever suits his other aptitude.

SAP Training Cost

Several SAP courses are offered by various institutes such SAP HANA, SAP BASIS, SAP ABAP, SAP ERP and so forth. SAP courses are indeed expensive, but the investment is worth it as one can get hold of well paying job later.

The fees vary from institute to institute and different companies offer different modes of training. The instructor led courses are very expensive as the charges of training providers are very high and classroom availability charges have to be paid. Even the tutor charges have to be paid. Practical exercises are there which have to be paid for.

The other option for SAP training courses is the remote SAP training sessions that make use of teleconferencing softwares such as Skype and many can watch these session at one go from various locations as well as countries. Oral presentations as well as desktop sessions are provided for.

The cheapest option is of course is online training. SAP online training is in the form of self-study. One has o go to websites and have access to various study materials and videos and pre-recorded tutoring. Students are requested to listen and watch these pre-recorded programs. They have to answer questions that have been asked in the given material.

SAP Training Cost in India

SAP training centers in India have been authorized by SAP Education and do offer rather expensive training courses. The cost is high as all training material is actually provided by SAP Education. A standard four weeks course for any of the functional module of SAP such as SAP FI, SAP MM or SAP SD will be costing around Rs. 364,800 (approximately USD 5,700) all inclusive. Since it is an expensive affair most students are sponsored by their respective companies.

Another affordable option is online SAP training from the authorized SAP training providers. It will cost about Rs. 164,000 to Rs. 174,000 (approximately USD 2,500 – USD 2,700) much depending on the duration of the training course. The online training courses created by the SAP training centers are also part of SAP Education. They do focus on the learner-centric approach to the imparted training and do include a range of very interactive courses designed as SAP courses.

SAP Training Cost in US

SAP training in the US appears to be more expensive than in India. The official online SAP training course will be costing around USD 9,000, whereas the instructor-led training (4 weeks) will be about USD 14,000. Usually, company sponsored people take up these courses as they are expensive. SAP MM course delivered online is available for a fee of only USD 1,600.

SAP Training Cost in South Africa

SAP training in South Africa is also provided by SAP Education as well as SAP Education partners and other training companies. A follow-up SAP certification exam is around ZAR 70,000 (approximately USD 5,800). A five days course about SAP Business Intelligence will cost around ZAR 21,500 (approximately USD 1,700. Very short SAP training courses have even lower fees starting from ZAR 1,750 (approximately USD 144) for a one day’s course.

SAP Training Cost in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the SAP instructor-led training course taught in Karachi or perhaps Islamabad will be costing about 3990 EUR (the price includes everything). The duration period is four weeks. In order to pass the SAP certification, it is required to pay an additional fee of 460 EUR. A cheaper option is to follow the e-Academy (online training course without an instructor). SAP e-Academy in Pakistan costs about 2300 EUR. The maximum duration of e-Academy is about three months but you can also finish it faster if one has a lot of time to learn the training material. The fee for the certification is about 460 EUR.

SAP Training Cost in the UK

SAP training is expensive in the United Kingdom is not all that cheap. A complete offline course from a particular company that is not authorized by SAP will be costing around 1875 GBP.

SAP Training Cost in Malaysia

In Malaysia SAP training costs about RM16831.00 (MYR).

Online SAP Training Cost

This is rather cheap and is the much-preferred option of SAP study. SAP information is imparted via websites.

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