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SAP S/4 HANA Cloud 2018 Predictions

One would like to know more about the highlights of SAPS/4 HANA predictions to be able to appreciate the usage of SAP in our daily lives.

A forward look at AI, machine learning, and digital assistants

The year 2017 brought forth the rapid growth as well as uptake of the machine learning process within enterprise software which was very impressive, with adoption as well as accelerating in speed from initial research to implementation. Machine learning no doubt has been considered to be very impactful this year and the speed of innovation does surprise one. The year 2018, continue to see much rapid growth in machine learning and in the AI as well as bigger investments in big data and analytics, with of course voice-activated digital assistants thus surfacing as a core user based front-end for such technologies.

AI will Demonstrate ROI:

According to IDC predictions by 2019, 40 percent of the digital transformation initiatives will be making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. In 2018, AI will in fact be the fuel for a new value creation, as it will be freeing up resources with the help of automating monotonous tasks via end-to-end process automation. By thus enabling employees to spend their time on the tasks that do create the most value, organizations will indeed begin truly reaping the benefits of things such as improved customer service.

Voice-activated Assistants will be the New Norm:

In 2018, one will see voice-activated assistants. And there will also be expanded into the enterprise. By 2020, 30 percent of web browsing sessions it is understood will be carried out without a screen, thus eliminating the need to use ones’ hand and eyes for browsing but also making use of one’s voice to extend the utility of the web sessions.

In 2018, several companies will indeed leverage the capabilities of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning in order offer both a cognitive as well as conversational user experience. Digital assistants will also be used to help the employees with everything from recognizing as well as learning situations in order to provide insights and suggestions for next steps, to be able to guide complex workflows.

Big Data & Analytics Investment will grow:

Much priority is given for any company to embark on their digital transformation journey in 2018 which will reflect upon the quality data, and more specifically, have access to real-time data in which end-users can also pull actionable results from.

Much focus will also be upon the data-driven organization, whereby internal, external, structured or even unstructured data will indeed provide crucial insights for newer innovations as well as strategies. Data-driven analytics will, in fact, prove to be quite advantageous in 2018, so companies will indeed require the tools to manage, govern, analyze as well as harvest data accordingly.

One does look ahead to 2018, AI and machine learning that will play a growing role in not just automating tasks, but also use deep learning to take on required activities that free-up workers time to be able to focus on more complex projects that do require human intervention. Also, digital assistant devices will also start to take on a completely newer role in supporting the next generation oriented workforce. The digital workforce will help out in the work that is to be completed rather efficiently and intelligently.

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