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Innovative Ideas by HR professionals

Much is expected by senior executives who do share ideas that spur innovation as well as increased productivity in their respective firms. Some of these ideas were actually born out of brainstorming sessions and others have come from employees. The idea behind these brainstorming sessions is to look into some of the methods that have been used by HR professionals in the op of the companies.

It is important for us to have an insight into some of these new ideas that are to be or are being incorporated in HR professionalism approaches. It informs us as to how the newer modes of HR applications are being evolved to provide better services to the business establishments.

Spread the Vibe

One indulges the employees in a simple gesture of appreciation as well as warmth that does instill a sense of positivity and also channelizes one’s focus to strive for excellence. Employees are encouraged to give each other brightly colored flashcards such as ‘You Make a Difference’, ‘You are Helpful’ and ‘You Increase Teamwork’, which helps in conveying their appreciation and admiration towards their peers.

Cut Wastage

They have something called Maruti Production System, which does enhance the efficiency at work by thus eliminating MUDA (Japanese for ‘wastage’. Any form of waste such as extra inventory or extra walking, is definitely examined in much great detail and also eliminates without loss of value.

Brainstorming Together

They do recognize that the collaboration is a key to our teams’ success, and in turn, the company’s success as well. Collaboration can be done via businesses that are created through the designing and provisioning and work environments. Project teams use these brainstorm sessions to design, prototype, as well as develop innovative ideas.

No Attendance

Attendance is done away with and productivity is measured via the results that are actually achieved rather than time spent at work. They have also been able to create a conducive environment in order to encourage the innovation through AppHaus, an open space within one’s campus where the designers as well as engineers do actually collaborate to create new products.

HR Professionalism is very essential for overall growth and development of business. An employer always looks out for professionals who can deliver the goods and add to their business profits. SAP professionals also fall into this category and training in SAP is oriented towards this end. It is but obvious that new ideas to improve HR work operations enable to employers to be sure that that the HRs being recruited will generate good business.

The focus on new ideas to evolve better functioning of HR practices is encouraged as SAP tools when applied need to generate good business. Emphasis has to be given to overall progress and employees must be able to develop their potentiality to their maximum ability.

By focusing on these new ideas it is but obvious that employees will be able to perform better and contribute well in their sphere of work.

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