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SAP Medical Research Insights

Much focus is upon the activities of those people who are very innovative as well as inventive in schools, companies, clubs, research institutes, initiatives, as well as associations. This year the competition is focused on digitalization under the slogans of Urban Space, Rural Space and Cyberspace“. Its main aim is also to position Germany as the “Land of Ideas”: open to the world, imaginative, innovative as well successful.

What aspects are involved?

  • Personalized medicine, is individually tailored to the patient’s treatment, and is considered one of the future’s fundamentally changing trends in the medical field.
  • New diagnostic options and methods such as genome sequencing or new imaging techniques have led to complex data sets stored in heterogeneous IT landscapes.
  • Researchers also do need to make use of such increasingly accumulating data in sets to create newer hypotheses and also validate them, but they also do need to ensure an efficient transfer of new research results into better treatment options for patients, which will eventually save lives.

What there is to know more about SAP Medical Research Insights?

At this interface between research and treatment, SAP Medical Research Insights come into play. Tumor diseases, innovative developed in partnership innovation center network, design & Co-Innovation Center Network and a design and co-innovation center from SAP enables doctors as well as researchers to be able to securely analyze the existing clinical data in order to accelerate cancer research and also to facilitate matching patients with the best clinical trials.

SAP Medical Research Insights involve:

  • Access to clinical information from multiple sources for no doubt comprehensive cancer care.
  • Allows visualizing and analyzing complex data sets in real-time.
  • Patient data is from many different sources, such as clinical information systems, tumor registries, biobank systems and also even text documents such as physicians’ notes that can be accessed.
  • Patient cohorts can, of course, be persisted as well as edited collaboratively and also exported for further analysis in other software as well or even compared according to different metrics, such as a number of patients or age or treatment response.
  • A holistic overview of each individual patient’s medical history in a graphical timeline in order to support medical staff during patient visits and also on tumor boards.

Designed for different roles SAP Medical Research Insights does replace time-consuming as well as manual processes, streamlines workflows and also increases the efficiency among various medical teams. It can also be customized for different cancer centers and hospitals. Therefore, SAP Medical Research Insights does enable more institutes to be able to easily obtain meaningful data in order to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnoses.


SAP has indeed forayed into medical research and has had a tremendous impact on the research procedures. Medical Research Insights does enable to understand medical issues better and SAP applications do play a major role in such efforts. SAP has indeed extended its tentacles far and wide and its entry into medical research is indeed of much importance.

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