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2018 – The year of purpose driven technology innovation in Social Protection?

One has taken note of the fact that with the end of 2017 it is time to reflect upon whether progress has been made by focusing upon the leveraging technology in order to deliver better outcomes in Social Protection and also what to expect in 2018.

It is important to ensure that technology does deliver innovation in Social Protection which does include mobile technologies, Big data, and e-government. One might also want to add on other technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Augmented Reality, Natural Language Processing as well as more.

What does social protection in mobile technologies involve?

  • The approach and data model must indeed be focused on the citizen and his or her required needs.
  • One has to avoid the data being locked away in disconnected silos.
  • An integrated view needs to be taken to facilitate the enabling of smarter use of data, better decision making and also anticipating service needs.
  • To integrate the various data sources, allowing for detailed investigation and analysis.

So what to expect for 2018?

  • One will see an increasing focus on technology-driven innovations. The technological transition will be recognized as one of the most important global challenges.
  • Focus on SAP exploration of various opportunities for emerging technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Augmented Reality, Natural Language Processing to enable data-driven policy and practice within the context of Social Security administrations.


Storing Data in The Cloud

2018 is very more likely to promote more dependence upon the cloud for storage of everything available from sensitive work documents to personal files. People will, in fact, be more familiar with the cloud as a concept, and also the use of the cloud.

Collaboration Increase among Workers

Will there be an increase in collaboration in the workplace in 2018? One can count on it. Workplaces are in fact laying much emphasis on getting more productivity out of their respective team. Collaboration is also a way of building up morale. In certain cases, it is even a lot of fun way for employees to share information with each other in an informal and social atmosphere.

Gamification as a motivational tool

Human beings love playing games and to compete with one another. The stakes are indeed high in playing a game enjoyable at all times.

The Robots Are Here

Some people are bound to lose jobs as a result of increased automation. Technological innovations are bringing about changes in the workplace by introducing automation. It is a changing world without a doubt, but it is not something that we necessarily have to be afraid of.


SAP will play a vital role in 2018 technological innovations and newer developments will add interesting and changing dimensions to existing business operations. One can expect challenging workplace environment and business people can indeed better business scope. Employers and employees have to adjust to these new workplace scenarios.

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