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SAP investigating practices in Gulf region

SAP has indeed made a foray into business practices in the Gulf region as it does many inroads into various parts of the world with hope of enhancing business.

SAP does operate in several countries and has indeed a wide reach to various corners of the world. Top multinationals make use of its business operations and also prefer to indulge in far-flung business operations. It is indeed a big supplier of corporate compliance software.

SAP has had many dealings in Iran, as well as other Gulf countries in particular Dubai.

Dealing is via their email and social media profiles.

Probing into Gulf region with a view of business operations began last year and naturally there appears to be a potential market for it.

SAP is indeed committed to the highest standards of business ethics and also strives to operate with transparency as well as integrity.

Globally SAP Growth

Last year month, SAP did promise to make sweeping changes to its sales practices around the world after the company did reveal that it happens to be the subject of a U.S. corruption probe involving its South African business.

SAP agents have been trying very hard to promote SAP contract in the Gulf region. Of course, SAP did warn customers as well as sales partners that U.S. sanctions did continue to restrict its dealings with Iran and the sale of the company’s software there.

SAP has been in much demand as far as South Africa and countries such as Brazil, China, India, Russia, Iran and South Africa.

Last year, SAP was fined $3.9 million by U.S. securities regulators for failing to maintain internal controls to prevent a bribery scheme by a former sales executive who won lucrative contracts from the Panamanian government.

Continuous efforts are made by SAP to expand its business operations all over the world.


Last year, SAP did promise to make much sweeping changes to its existing sales practices around the world after the respective company did reveal that it was the subject of a U.S. corruption probe tied to its South African operations.-(–%)

SAP has made tremendous progress in extending its operations worldwide. Its applications are much in demand and business set-ups make use of them to promote their respective company activities.

The global presence of SAP can be felt by its widespread activities all over the world and its achievements in technological applications.

Gulf has been a popular goal for it and definitely it has investigated ways and means to promote its operations there. It is for this reason that SAP is widely acclaimed for its innovative ideas and is made use by business set-ups who are believe in its viability for augmenting their business.

There is much scope for business in the Gulf region and SAP applications are indeed very useful and beneficial in all kinds of business and commercial operations. Dubai is a popular destination for businessmen and SAP has definitely investigated its feasibility there.

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