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SAP 2018 Strategy and Roadmap for Business Intelligence Webcast Recap

SAP is now investing in digital transformation and this is bringing about many changes in many ways. It is a question of one platform for all analytics, thus allowing one to embed analytics in your application. The ideas is to provide intelligence including machine learning, and bringing into analytics processes.

Digital transformation is indeed of much significance these days and SAP as a vital role to play in it. Business operations take much advantage of digital transformation and they naturally would hope that their business and profits improve.

SAP does focus on digital formation and has been involved in several areas of technological development that impact business in many ways.

There are indeed five focus areas of the SAP Analytics product strategies:

  • All analytics on one cloud-based platform
  • One common & simple user experience
  • Hybrid (laser focus)
  • Embedded in apps
  • Deeper & more meaningful logic & context-driven insights

Emphasis is given to embed analytics into the various business processes, such as hybrid, Ariba, SF, S/4HANA

SAP does provide analytics that is well designed for apps across the entire business network from sales cum marketing to various supply chains, HR, and Finance.

Other areas being focused upon are:

  • BI, planning, predictive to grow and run the business
  • BW/4HANA = redeveloped for the purpose of modern data warehouse
  • SAP Analytics Cloud bringing BI, predictive and planning together on SAP Cloud Platform
  • Digital Boardroom from the shop floor to the top floor; call center operations, nearly 360 view
  • In 2017 SAP launched Analytics Hub
  • A key part of hybrid strategy

The SAP is into:

  • Simplification & convergence plan: 1) converge makes use of cases that do not features/functions 2) BI 4.x content will also continue to work & also be maintained 3) no forced migration
  • Drill down into Data Discovery use case – Analytics Cloud and Lumira Discovery


SAP Analytics Cloud is indeed becoming a default solution for cloud solutions and connects to on-premise data. There is a strong focus on a single solution that will benefit much.

The focus is on hybrid use cases in order to bring together best of cloud and on-premise software

On-premise is not going into maintenance mode. The strategy is hybrid. Lso importance will be given to innovations, the strong roadmap for Web Intelligence, which includes a native time dimension, enhanced universe query connector for SAP Analytics Cloud and full bi-directional operations between SAC and Web Intelligence.

Business establishments require SAP to do business I judicious manner and to ensure that they maximize their cots into greater profits. The use of SAP is quite popular with businessmen all over the world and SAP applications have generated much business.

SAP has been very innovative in various technological tools and has been dabbling into more in order to provide the best technological applications to the industry. Much research has gone into this area.

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