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SAP futuristic five future technology trends plans for now

SAP futuristic five future technology trends plans for now

SAP futurists do bring forth future technology trends in augmented reality, the blockchain, AI, robotics as well as and contingent labor for enterprises.

One indeed would like to make predictions about future technology trends which are not all that difficult. For example, it appears quite easy to say that IoT, machine learning as well as blockchain are indeed going to be very important in the near future. One has to observe how these trends affect the enterprise operations.

SearchSAP off ate has referred SAP executives involvement with future technology trends such as augmented reality, the blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and contingent labor — and some of their implications for enterprises and SAP users

1. Immersive technology and augmented reality

The biggest example of augmented reality is Pokémon Go, on the consumer side.

An augmented reality is made use of overlaying diagnostic and treatment information over people’s bodies, thus allowing medical students to practice complex procedures safely. Also, a company can use augmented reality to make field service reps work through repair processes.

2. Blockchain

Can blockchain scale up to the levels that enterprises really need?

One has to observe how blockchain can work toward enterprise requirements – look into what sort of hurdles that one comes across, and what other unknown issues may crop up. The focus has to be on end-to-end business process perspective and improving process speed and transparency, and also improving supply chain efficiency and facilitating business networks and exchanges.

3. Artificial intelligence – machine learning and deep learning

AI involves machine learning as well as deep learning. Machine learning is learning by statistics and is made up of certain rules, whereas deep learning is self-learning with qualified data.

4. The emergence of cyborgs or robotics

Cyborg scene exists in many big cities and humans are testing cyborgs. There are few medical cases that are making news and artists are making use of that stuff to bridge or even hook the brain to a computer or rather have implants.

The future focus appears to be on human-machine cooperation.

5. Automation and the gig economy

Automation will indeed impact the future of work and how the workplace is going to appear.

Automation will definitely move a number of jobs in a certain direction.

6. Tying up the future technology trends together

One needs to observe how do things such as 3D printing, IoT, the blockchain, connected cars, smart cities and the sharing economy do combine together in order to create a logistics internet. How do nanotechnology, augmented reality, robotics, and connected healthcare combine in order to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered and how research is done? How will blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT contribute?

SAP has much to offer in the coming future and it is interesting to note how it will impact the market and other business operations. Much prediction has been made about how it will grow in the coming future and evolve itself as a business component in various spheres of business operations.

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