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Know more about SAP New Innovation Discovery recently launched?

Know more about SAP New Innovation Discovery recently launched?

New innovation and new discoveries in SAP, its Products and Solutions has added a new dimension to SAP and its applications. Off late the SAP New Innovation Discovery has enabled those searching for new issues to find what they want  in the field of technological advances in the world.

How has SAP New Innovation Discovery of been use?

Earlier, customers made use of different tools to get hold of relevant information and this turned out to be time consuming. Naturally, it was felt that the adoption of new SAP did not get the requisite results. Keeping this in view a new tool was discovered making it easier for the customers to get hold of requisite information. It was comprehensive in approach and easy- to –use portfolio product. It permitted customers to enquire further information  and  know more about innovations with the help of flexible menu along with multiple options. This enables the customers to get hold of detailed.  Information to take decisions that are useful in the implementation processes and functionality.

What is special about SAP New Innovation Discovery?

• It combines the functionality of the Solution Browser, Business Function Prediction, Enhancement Package-Infocenter, thus allowing these tools to be replaced after a transition based phase.
• Free self-service oriented tool.
• Close interaction with customers.
• Team based collected customer requirements.
• A flexible and clean interface.
• An intuitive tool to maintain data base.
• One can be sure of attractive information.
• Filter options.
• Comprehensive results related to technical and business information.

More about SAP New Innovation Discovery:

Earlier, customers were forced to make use of different tools which was time consuming and now with this new SAP too accessibility to information has been easy and convenient. It has helped them in enhancing their businesses. It has promoted powerful search and positive feedback.

TOP 3 features of SAP New Innovative Discovery Tool:

To sum these are the distinct feature of SAP new discovery tool.
• Positive feedback
• Projects are well paid off.
• Attractive content.

On the whole SAP New Innovative Discovery Tool provides comprehensive business and technical information in order to find the best solutions in a given situation and for individual requirement purposes.  The tool is considered to be “clean single point of accessibility “ to SAP Business Suite. Searches can be customized. It professionals are always on the lookout for new information and improved applications and this new SAP tool would certainly be of interest to them.

What are the goals of the SAP New  Innovative Discovery Tool?

• Making the benefits very tangible to the customers.
• To modify individual settings in order for it to reflect upon business and industry area.
• Availability of customized list of all suitable innovations.

With the help of this too customers  have access to delivered solutions that have been in vogue for the past six months details of SAP Business Suite Foundation, Current offering of SAP Fiori

Advantages of SAP  New Innovative Discovery Too?

• Solutions that have been delivered over a period of time can be seen.
• Details of SAP Business Suite foundation’s starter license.
• Details of current SAP Fiori offerings.
• Know more about which of the functions are rather optimized for the purpose of in-memory databases.
• Refine the  results  via filter options.
• Communicate with colleagues via email.


Thus, it is quite obvious that SAP New Innovative Discovery tool has proved to be of much use in acquiring information.

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