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How SAP Is Utilizing Machine Learning For Its Enterprise Applications

How SAP Is Utilizing Machine Learning For Its Enterprise Applications

Off late SAP has been indeed harnessing machine learning in its applications, which does unite human expertise and also computer insights. The SAP is indeed launching its own machine learning on a digital platform that is referred to as SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, which does provide an enterprise-grade platform for machine learning in the cloud.

SAP Leonardo is a no doubt a digital innovation system that does deliver software and micro-services that does enable customers to leverage new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, analytics, blockchain and Big Data. SAP Leonardo was indeed inspired by the Renaissance painter, architect, engineer as well as philosopher Leonardo da Vinci.


SAP has been making much digitization efforts with a machine learning foundation. SAP Leonardo innovation system does comprise of transformative technologies such as IoT, machine learning, blockchain as well as others combined with design thinking services.

SAP with its end-to-end focus on machine learning and a vision that is the broadest in the industry does reach customers all across 25 industries and 12 line of businesses (LOBs). There are several SAP Leonardo Machine Learning solutions that are indeed live that include applications in finance, human resources, customer services and marketing.

SAP application does help media agencies, production companies, and brands to gain accurate as well as timely insights into sponsorship and no doubt advertising ROI. Machine learning has been applied to increase efficiency in finance organization by trying to improve the collections process as well as improving cash flow for accounts receivable.

One can take note of the fact that there have been efforts to enable simple consumption and tight integration with SAP based enterprise software combined with rather much openness towards the various machine learning technologies available in the market that would indeed benefit developers. The benefits do include the minimal IT support as well as costs that are associated with managed as well as intelligent web services, the innovative business-model realization thus making use of advanced algorithms. Also, it is interesting to know that the increased responsiveness to changing business environments with enriched enterprise applications and improved business outcomes has also proved worthwhile.

SAP indeed has much to contribute in machine learning application and the industry has benefited on account of it. It has made much progress in providing technological applications for industrial growth and business players have made much profit.

Like machine learning application, SAP is also into several other applications which are being well adopted by the industrialists as well as small and medium-sized business set-ups. An SAP is a major contributor towards business growth and development aimed at generating more profit as well as business in the form of sales for the investor. Every investor would like to benefit maximum from his or her investment and SAP has made this a reality.

SAP has indeed become an integral part of a business and it will continue to do so.

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