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Digital Business and Transformation and SAP

Nowadays people, business, and “things” are increasingly interconnected in the digital economy, and also existing business models are indeed being much disrupted. How does one become an intelligent, digital business set-up oriented person? And what are the opportunities that lie ahead in this era of digitization? Start your regular transformation journey here with practical help, best practices, and more.

What drives digital transformation?

Digital business is based upon on new computing infrastructure, which are the pillars of mobile, cloud, Big Data, as well as analytics that are accelerated by the Internet of Things (IoT), that advances in the machine learning, as well as innovations such as block-chain. These disruptive technologies are providing the companies to radically change the business models and also create new products and services. Get to know more about the trends that drive the shift to digitalization:

4 ways leaders set themselves apart

In a worldwide SAP and Oxford Economics survey, only 3% of the executives said they had rather achieved enterprise-wide digitization. Explore their approach, results – and the four factors that are central to their success.

Why choose SAP as your innovation partner?

Industry expertise provides tangible results to over 70% of the world’s business processes and naturally, SAP is in a unique position to be able to deliver tangible progress to bring about the required transformation strategy – without actually causing much jeopardy to one’s daily business operations. What are the strong digital core and a rather easy-to-use system that does indeed support innovations? Let us have a look:

SAP S/4HANA Cloud – our next-gen ERP system supports operational excellence, automation, and seamless technology integration from one’s business core.

SAP Leonardo – our systems of future-ready technologies is accessed through the cloud and augmented by the design thinking services for rather rapid prototyping as well as adoption.

They work in tandem to make one’s entire business more immediate, intelligent, and seamlessly integrated – no matter what size of the business is or of the industry.

Here few aspects related to business one must look into:


One must try to leverage the latest as well as emerging technology innovations in one’s business – from the embedded machine learning to the IoT and block-chain. One must try to make use of them to create a new digital business model or rather models as well as intelligent products cum services that would delight customers and also support employees.


One has to evolve one’s own existing infrastructure as well as the processes with no doubt easy-to-integrate technologies that can, of course, be able to combine with one’s SAP as well as third-party systems as well as data. One has also woven the intelligent capabilities into one’s market-leading software and cloud platform to facilitate the enterprise-wide innovation.


One must connect to SAP via extensible, modular capabilities that make it easy to scale up and continually support the latest innovations. They let you tap knowledge from a massive universe of business data – and take advantage of new digital technologies as we add them to SAP Leonardo.

Meeting up to one’s business transformation goals

The digital business transformation has a change over from “nice to have” to “must have”. There are several challenges one has to face up to.

Assessing one’s digital readiness

One has to see whether one’s business setup is geared towards digital transformation? One has to assess the situation and also take the required steps to become a truly digital business.

Best practices for digital business

One has to be able to understand and also prepare for the impact of digital disruption that one will have on one’s people, business, and IT department, and they also make use of them for their competitive advantage.

The above are all about Digital Business and Transformation and SAP

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