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Database Innovations in SAP HANA

Database Innovations in SAP HANA

The data volumes from both transact the national as well as non-transactional systems are indeed growing and the term “Big Data” is all around. When it comes to delivering rapid access to a larger volume of data, none of the technology solutions correlate more highly with best-in-class performance s compared to in-memory analytic tools.

SAP HANA is rather offered as an in-memory database. With SAP HANA Platform, one gets the opportunity to develop one’s solutions on the SAP HANA extended application services (SAP HANA XS engine). Compared to an external application server, the SAP HANA XS engine is indeed tightly integrated into the database and thus provide the best performance.


SAP HANA is a rather flexible, data-source-agnostic, in-memory data platform that does allow customers to analyze large volumes of data in real time.

As an existing development platform, it does provide the in infrastructure as well as tools for building high-performance applications which are based on the SAP HANA engine:

With the Innovation Pack for SAP HANA & databases, you get access to the following SAP HANA components:

• SAP HANA Enterprise Edition
• SAP Predictive Analytics Suite
• SAP HANA Operational Process Intelligence
• SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming
• SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering Option
• SAP HANA Real-time Replication Option
• SAP HANA Information Management Option

NEW: SAP HANA Vora – SAP’s distributed computing based solution for business

SAP HANA Vora is a distributed computing solution for business. It leverages and extends the Apache Spark execution framework to provide enriched interactive analytics on enterprise and Hadoop data.

SAP Cloud Platform, persistence service (HANA)

SAP Cloud Platform is, of course, enabled to make use of advanced features of SAP´s in-memory technology for SAP HANA development and is also now available for SAP platform partners. Partners can also sign up for the additional SAP HANA that has been dedicated for instance (64 GB) in order to make use of SAP HANA’s programmatic interfaces and integrated development environment.


SAP ASE is indeed a proven relational database management system and is one of our fastest growing database products in the market. It is also providing rock-solid reliability and also high performance for mission-critical, data-intensive environments at a rather low total cost of ownership.


SAP IQ software does deliver the performance that one’s customers’ demand for extreme-scale based enterprise data warehouses purpose and Big Data analytics, all on a platform that is rather built for the way ISVs like one run. It is the fully open approach to hardware, OS, deployment models, and also database schemas that do imply one can be up and also running quickly and affordably, without having to re-architect one’s application. In fact, one can deploy, test and validate one’s solution in less than about 3 days.

• Overview video
• On-demand Webcast SAP IQ 16
• SAP IQ 16 free trial for evaluation.

SAP IQ also does offer a smart, near-line store option for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse running on SAP HANA. This option does allow one’s partners high-performance analytics that couple real-time speed as well as rapid access to historical data.

SAP SQL Anywhere

SAP SQL Anywhere also provides embeddable data management as well as synchronization technology that is indeed ideal for powering applications that are running outside of the traditional data center. SAP SQL Anywhere does enable a solution for providers to build up powerful database-driven line-of-business applications for embedded, satellite/remote, mobile as well as IoT environments that do require little to no IT Support.

• SAP SQL Anywhere
• SAP SQL Anywhere free developer edition – then use it for testing, evaluation cum development

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