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Capabilities of SAP HANA

Capabilities of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a database, so at the core, it stores data. It is an in-memory platform that combines an acid compliant database with advanced data processing, application services, and flexible data integration services. It is a revolutionary platform that is best suited for performing real-time analytics and developing and deploying real-time applications. At the core of the real-time data, a platform is the SAP HANA database which is fundamentally different than any other database engine in the market now.

An SAP is a highest profile product. SAP HANA also includes a programming component that enables a company’s IT department to create and run customized application programs on the top of HANA as well as a suite of predictive, spatial and text analytics libraries across data source because HANA can run in parallel to source SAP ERP application, analytics can access real-time operational and transactional data for real-time analytics processing and not have to wait for a daily or a weekly report to move on the progress.

Capabilities of SAP HANA

It processes high-speed transactions while analyzing fresh data on the fly to take action at the moment when necessary. And it helps to manage large database volumes cost-effectively using multitenant database volumes cost-effectively using multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multitier storage.

It gains new insights from advanced analytics. Data processing capabilities of SAP HANA in-memory are like text, predictive, spatial, and streaming and time series to build intelligent applications that provide deeper insight at unprecedented speed.

It develops and gives forth information for the next generation applications that will combine both analytics and transactions for real-time insight. Deliver personalized experiences to serve that right data at the right time to help business users to get succeeded.

SAP HANA acquires the data from several of its sources to gain a complete view of your business. Access data where it is located, integrated or replicated the relevant data into SAP HANA and ensure data quality to ensure confidence in decision making.

It helps in reducing the cost through simplifications in hardware, maintenance, and testing. It makes the simplification of the existing models, of modeling and remodeling.

The simplified operations and monitoring with the integration of basic SAP HANA administration capabilities with the BW admin cockpit. It consists of Unified information modeling and design environment. The great advantages here is that all data models are purely virtual, and calculate results based on the underlying detailed operational data. Data in it can be aggregated from many applications and data sources without perturbing in any way the on-going business transactions. Simplify operations using a single copy of enterprise data and secure modern data platforms.


SAP HANA helps you to manage your data in a single in-memory platform which helps you to take actions at the moment. SAP HANA offers you some of their major capabilities such as database services, analytics processing, and App development, Data Access, Administration, and Security.

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