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7 Expert Tips for Your SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 7 Upgrade

7 Expert Tips for Your SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 7 Upgrade

The number of SAP customers has indeed gone up and will continue to do so. Expansion as well as up- gradation of the SAP environments to keep pace with new innovations.

SAP experts to share their first-hand knowledge of SAP solutions with their respective counterparts in other organizations, be it on stage or online forums of the peer-to-peer exchanges at international SAP User Group events.

1. Preparation is important

It is the key to success and one can concentrate on up-gradation if one focuses upon it. A careful preparation is a must for success.

2. Holistic View on Human Resources Data

The focus has to be on implementation of new technologies among UN agencies. One has to emphasize upgrading to SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7/NW 7.40 and fulfilling all new functions in ERP – such as modules SAP Financial Accounting (FI), SAP Controlling (CO), and SAP Human Capital Management (HCM). There has to be smooth integration of multiple another set of applications, such as SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), SAP Business Intelligence (BI) and SAP Enterprise Portal (EP).

3. Upgrade Success

Optimization of SAP HANA database, as well as traditional databases, is important. One has to upgrade the operating system-database (OS-DB). It is essential to setup as well as configure SAP Solution Manager for up-gradation as well as SAP systems management.

4. Build the Sandbox (SBX) landscape with the full SAP system.

One has to build a Sandbox landscape that does comprise the ITU’s full SAP environment with all satellite systems – including ERP, CRM, BI, EP, SRM, Master Data Management (MDM), and Web Channel.

5. Upgrade in the DEV landscape.

One has to build a full based SAP environment with all connectivity. They need to set about solving all the respective issues, although there were far fewer than in the previous phase.

6. Upgrade in the QAS landscape.

In the QAS landscape, the team again built the full SAP environment with all connectivity to perform the upgrade. The QAS upgrade phase took two months (August and September) which included testing.

7. Upgrade in the PRD landscape.

One needs to check that the new release information is displayed; Tests must be run. Validation is also essential.

SAP up-gradation needs adequate attention and efforts must be made to upgrade it thus improve its overall functionality regularly.

SAP application has become very popular and there are several SAP experts in the market who are contributing well to the market. SAP skills are often upgraded as well as the modules to make them relevant. SAP indeed is very useful for business operations.

SAP up-gradation has to be carried out regularly and SAP modules and skills need to be made relevant to changing times. One cannot afford to lag behind as competition in the business markets is stiff and demands made on SAP technology are indeed overwhelming. These demands have to be met at any cost if SAP has to be relevant to modern times.

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