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SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce

SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce

Introduction: SAP customer engagement and commerce is one of the sap modules. Which is meant for collection of cloud base technology which provides tools for customer relationship management, marketing, sales, and e-commerce.this is mostly used in the larger organization which need automation huge sales and multi-channeled customer care. This application is used to centralize information and make workflow and tasks automatic and enables the 360-degree view of a customer.

  • SAP customer engagement and commerce applications:
  • SAP cloud for sales: this provides tools to know sales rate for sales representative including and managers with reports in sales performance management and mobile sales.
  • SAP cloud for service: this tool helps in making contact with service agents, managers and provides with the tool for multi-channel interaction to handle issues with customers and maintain task management, workflows to prompt agents on tasks for more efficient customer service. Agents can contact with company exchange information.
  • SAP Hybris commerce and marketing: it provides tools for customer experience management, product information management and order management. In this hybrid commerce, agencies need to gather information from multiple channels like phone, social media, e-mail.it enables agent get complete information about a single customer account in a location and 360-degree customer view.
  • SAP Jam: this tool helps users to communicate customer and each other.it is an enterprise social network. Which allows information to be exchanged and accessed quickly. It also helps increase in the productivity.

An objective of customer engagement and commerce projects are similar to customer relationship management projects from 10 years. The objective of customer engagement is to encourage loyalty and promote business.it aims to long-term customer relationship which includes increase brand loyalty, increase customer retention, increase revenue and sales, ensure the brand promotion and improve brand reputation. For a better chance of success. We need to consider the technology available and how we approach.

  • The development of cloud technology particularly software as a service is changing the way an organization work at software application. With the aspects of applications of cloudification is been a success for customer engagement and commerce projects.
  • SAP cloud for the public is designed to limit individual clients, who can customize which clients.
  • In SAP customer engagement and commerce the core application is customized, upgraded and future changes and increase the cost of ownership. SAP’s new approach aims to keep their core applications as standard as possible and develop into separate platforms.
  • The cloud for customers and other components benefits from technology and finally deliver on their promises. Customer investment now will be safe for future technology
  • The additional functionality of new sap solutions is created to support very quick access for the huge sum of data and easy integration.

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