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How Expensive is Sap Study?

How Expensive is Sap Study?

Sap training is expensive but worth it. One need not worry about the cost as one will gain from it. It is no doubt a major factor in the evaluation of joining a SAP course.

SAP Training

Normal practice is that consultations are held before joining the SAP consulting course. One must get familiar with the learning technical cum functional features of various modules of the SAP program. One must be able to learn SAP free of cost by learning the course by oneself; nevertheless, it is also important to follow a course of learning by paying money. Many prefer to do so. In Asia (India as well as other countries), SAP has been made obligatory as one has to follow up on the SAP training from an authorized SAP training providers to be able to pass the SAP certification.

What is there to know about SAP training?

Normally, SAP education involves SAP training and certification. Several possible training courses and certification are offered by the institutes. In case, one is able to get the opportunity to get hold of SAP training from available SAP Education, then it is advisable to get instructions in it from topnotch instructors who are rather competent. There are training books that are specifically tailored for the clearance of SAP certification. One must try for the best SAP provider.

Sap Study

SAP Training Cost

The fees for the SAP training vary a great deal between different institutes, different companies, and different modes of training. The most expensive of SAP training is instructor based courses as training providers charge heavily. Infrastructure costs involve providing classrooms, paying for SAP tutors, and also providing access to several SAP systems for practical exercising.

Remote SAP training is also expensive and makes use of teleconferencing software (for example, Skype). Skype form of teaching can cater to the larger audience and many people can enroll for the SAP course. One can gain a lot in SAP training from oral instructions via the computer. The cheapest form of training is online SAP training. Online SAP training is normally conducted in the form of self-study format. Students are provided with access to a website which has SAP training materials as well that which are option videos which have a pre-recorded presentations of several SAP trainers. Students are made to read or even listen to SAP training materials and then asked to do practical exercises and answer several SAP questions.

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SAP Training Cost in India

There are several SAP training centers in India provided with authorization to conduct elaborate SAP courses. The material is expensive. SAP courses such SAP Fi, SAP SD and SAP MM and so forth involve heavy costs. Much depends upon your personal budget. Mostly employers sponsor them for such courses.

The focus of SAP course is on learner-centric approach. It costs from Rs. 164,000 to Rs. 174,000 (approximately USD 2,500 – USD 2,700) depending upon the institute. These are interactive courses.

SAP training cost can start as low as USD 50. One must be careful about the quality of the training

SAP Training Cost in the US

SAP training in the US is more expensive than in India. The official online SAP training course usually costs nearly USD 9,000. The instructor-led training which is of 4 weeks duration for any sort of functional module of SAP that will nearly cost USD 14,000. These prices encourage employers to sponsor a candidate as then the candidate need not spend from his or her pocket.


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