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Fast-track software deployment with SAP Best Practices packages

It is necessary to standardize the implementation project and go live on-time as well as on-budget with the aid of SAP Best Practices (also referred to as SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, SAP RDS). These software solution packages do tend to cover the entire SAP portfolio and offer the best practices for a wide range of processes as well as topics. No matter what the size of one’s business, SAP Best Practices can indeed help one to achieve record time-to-value as on-premise, in the cloud, or in a given hybrid environment.

What aspects of needs to keep in view?

• Relying on proven software deployment plans, methodologies as well as implementation strategies
• Making use of best practices that are based on thousands of successful software deployments
• Easily implementing the functionality specific to one’s line of business or industry
• Quickly deploying the latest technologies in order to maintain one’s competitive edge
• With SAP Best Practices (also known as SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, SAP RDS) SAP delivers standardized business practices, implementation methods and accelerators for a wide range of SAP software, processes, and topics – on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.
• SAP does provide this content free of charge as an added value for the licensed customers, with the aim of driving down the implementation costs thus accelerating the deployment and also adding the benefit to their investment in SAP products.
• The packaged solutions are published in SAP Best Practices Explorer with assets covering solution design, configuration, and software and delivery requirements.
• SAP Best Practices to help customers to standardize their implementation projects with pre-configured software, best practices content as well as services. This does enable them to achieve rather significant savings in the implementation time and cost as compared to a rather traditional deployment approach.
• SAP Best Practices do allow companies of all sizes to be able to quickly address specific business needs and adopt the latest innovations from SAP by leveraging proven as well as tested configuration. The implementation of content as well as guides; and are flexible to pick-and-choose scenarios that have been designed for a fast time in order to value as well as predictable outcomes.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are indeed pre-configured applications that do allow companies to deploy the respective software in weeks or months for a given set of the price. The applications are rather designed to address no doubt one area of functionality of SAP’s larger enterprise applications as well as to address a specific function or need.
They are not actually one-size-fits-all applications for companies regardless of their need. Rather, the RDS applications are designed in order to meet about 60% to 70% of the requirements of the customers who can also customize as well as tailor themselves to address the unique requirements.
SAP Rapid Deployment software applications do provide a rather standardized approach via the usage of things such as its Step-by-Step (SBS) guide, which happens to be a tool that contains all the assets that are of course required during implementation, including accelerators cum knowledge-transfer materials.

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