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As a mechanical engineering student, how useful will SAP ABAP be to me?

As a mechanical engineering student, how useful will SAP ABAP be to me?

A mechanical engineering student does find coding very interesting and useful option as  a career and prefers to undertake study in SAP ABAP. He or she gets involved in implementing ERP for manufacturing companies. It is a good career option and is also very remunerative. It is a tool for success in one’s career.

How is SAP ABAP useful to a mechanical engineer?

A mechanical engineer graduates opts for SAP ABAP as he or she finds it interesting to write for SAP Web applications, which are business applications. Merely pursing a mechanical engineering course does not make sense. The student has to be clear in his mind as to how he

or she will apply the course in their daily activities. Job placement services in SAP are offered and the mechanical engineering student can take advantage of this. Advanced Application Programming (ABAP)  is  a high level programming language,  which has been created by the German software firm SAP. The ABAP Workbench has been made use of by SAP in order to develop the standard as well as custom application software. The ABAP workbench has also been used to create dictionary based objects communications program. SAP is able to generate several types of docume. ABAP consists of statements that conform to the CPI-C standards (Common Program Interface Communications). These are made use for programming  such as sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, pay-slips and so forth. Obviously, the application is useful to mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineers are always concerned as to what future holds for them if they undertake SAP ABAP as a career. Would he or she able to become an expert in it? Are there good and adequate resources for the mechanical engineering student to learn CFD. What is SAP certification all about? These are questions that arise in the student’s mind if he or she as a mechanical engineering students wants to opt  for SAP ABAP.

As a mechanical engineering student, how useful will SAP ABAP be to me?Doubts that emerge as SAP ABAP Mechanical Engineering Student:

  • Will SAP training help
  • Can one get into ISRO?
  • Should one switch over from SAP ABAP to SAP SD?
  • Is mechanical engineering itself good as a career?
  • Is SAP ABAP useful in the core industry?
  • What sort of SAP module is good for mechanical engineering student?
  • Why should one pursue SAP ABAP in the first place?

Can a mechanical engineer become an expert in SAP?

Yes and why not? One can  become a  SAP consultant. Exposure and experience in SAP enables a mechanical engineering graduate to become an expert in  SAP. One can work on various modules and be able to apply them in the functioning of core business industry. It is a fulfilling career  with many challenges to cope up with and hurdles to overcome. It is advisable to work in the engineering domain for awhile and then to pursue SAP as then one will be well equipped as a mechanical engineer to handle SAP problems and solutions. One will know how the scene is on the floor.

It is exciting for a mechanical engineer to undertake SAP ABAP as his or professional pursuit as one will excel in the field and will be to apply his or her engineering background to the maximum.


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