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Modern Data Warehousing in SAP Data Hub and BW/4 HANA

Modern Data Warehousing in SAP Data Hub and BW/4 HANA

A traditional warehousing solution and analysis tool can no longer compete with the current and future areas of business intelligence and big data. SAP now offering modern solutions such as SAP BW/4 Hana and SAP data hub. To enable digital innovations in companies and form a way to data-driven companies a central data platform needed in which information regarding the company will be stored in a particular form serving as a single point for data.

Many companies are mostly putting a lot of efforts in digitalizing the projects in order to be able to offer their customers with new, attractive services and products in the future, and be competitive to other companies. Many of these companies will initiate in the field of digitalizing are particularly data-driven.

It may be forecasting the sales data based on the post-sales figure, evaluation of sensor data from machines in order to carry out maintenance in time to reduce downtime and corresponding market data to improve strategic decision making. All the initiative will have a thing in common that is a stable and powerful data management infrastructure. With the modern data warehouse solution BW/4 HANA and the data management platform SAP data hub as part of Leonardo, and also SAP offers necessary infrastructure with which these challenges can be mastered.

BW/4 HANA is a completely new approach. Many SAP customers have been using the SAP BW Data warehouse solution for strategic reporting and as a foundation for planning applications for many years. Their systems have been reached to a certain degree of maturity and are now very stable. The requirements for modern data management have grown very much in recent years, they can no longer be completely fulfilled by traditional SAP BW.

Business management wants more flexibility, more agility, and new attractive reporting tools. Information technology, in turn, is also confronted with many other aspects like increasing the data volume and variety in particular. The information stored in the course then be available in the real time.

BW/4 HANA is no longer part of the net weaver platform as the previous releases and can only run on the basis of the Hana database. The focus of the new implementation and future developments is on the aspect of the simplicity, openness, high performance and modern interface.

BW/4 HANA now only supports Hana optimized modeling objects. Among other things, this should reduce the complexity of data models, increase flexibility and above all support agility in development projects. A mixed scenario is the combination of BW objects and native data models in the HANA database and supported and the integration of both worlds is further extended compared to the previous release.

A new data-oriented culture must be developed in the companies, know how it must be built up and roles must be redefined. Each company can decide itself individually whether the particular solutions SAP BW/4 HANA or SAP data hub play a role in the target architecture. It should a big data warehouse and it is not an easy way to become a data-driven company.

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  1. I like how this article is written. Your points are sound, original, fresh and interesting. This information has been made so clear there’s no way to misunderstand it. Thank you.

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