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Know more about SAP Certification, Career, and Jobs

Know more about SAP Certification, Career, and Jobs

As if now SAP is one of the trending and reliable career option today, there are many local institutions, private trainers, and classes available that provide SAP training and some of them also provide their private certification in India. As they cost less as compared to authorized SAP certification, SAP aspirants like fresh graduates and working professionals get easily attracted towards it. But here we will have the biggest threat: these certification programs are not legal in the SAP industry. As they cost less, people get trapped into it very easily. These certification and training programs are of no use when it comes to placements and jobs n SAP domain, not only in big giants, or MNCs but even in the local companies also.

No multinational company considers local or unauthorized SAP certification and people end up doing authorized SAP certification again. This not only costs them extra money but it also costs time, in some cases, it costs people their confidence as well. So to keep the process of SAP certification full proof SAP Germany has their authorized training partners in India and globally, who conducts training on behalf of SAP. All the trainers in the SAP authorized training are appointed by SAP itself to maintain quality in training delivery. This is the main reason behind the cost of SAP. Actually, what is SAP certification?

SAP certification:

SAP certification is the exam conducted by SAP SE, the market leader in enterprise application software. SAP certifications help validate the expertise and experience of SAP partners, software users, customers and professionals who are looking to be placed in the SAP environment. The certification is recognized globally and is a standardized measure for several roles and responsibilities in the SAP domain.

SAP as a career:

The main reason people choosing SAP as a career is great salaries, work-life balance and salary hikes along with the opportunities in the abroad. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out as a fresher, SAP has a great career path for everyone. It does not matter whether your current working experience is in sales, IT, HR mechanical or you are just a fresher or anything else. And the next best reason for taking SAP as a career is again the promising one: we all know how tuff it is when we come to layoffs.

But as of now, there is no massive layoff witnessed in the SAP environment.as it has become the most preferred ERP in the era of digitalization. There are generally two types of SAP certification providers in India. The one costs high and the other costs cheaper cost as compared to the first one. Which are authorized and the lower cost one is unauthorized.

Jobs in SAP:

As we already know after doing certification it is mostly in a situation a job is offered but in a few situations, there is no surety but it helps to make some difference from non-certified people. After certification, you will be a most preferred candidate as compared to the non-certified individual.

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