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How To Choose a Right SAP Module for Your Career

How To Choose a Right SAP Module for Your Career

Many people are very keen to pursue a career in SAP on the other there is a lot of matters around the qualifications or modules that one should choose to be able to choose the right option. The first and the foremost thing that comes to everyone’s mind. While deciding on which module should you could go in for depending on your educational qualification and background. This is the most critical task as this would align you better in realizing your long terms career goals and aspirations and for that, you need to just consider the two factors in selecting the right SAP module.

Since graduation, many individuals will be excited and fascinated about working in a niche field. By the time we settle with our job, we start hunting for better career opportunities and prospectus. We are always in the dilemma of whether to switch a job or upgrade skills required for the most sought after the career. Of all the professional certifications, SAP certification is considered as the most valued and has proved its worth to thousands of SAP consultants who are working across the globe.

Things we need to consider before choosing the best SAP module are the educational qualification, domain experience, career goals. SAP has various modules that suit every aspect of the industry. The process understanding between SAP end users and SAP consultants often become difficult and time-consuming due to the lack of domain knowledge and inadequate experience. So, the educational aspect is important is thinking how to choose SAP module. Let’s have a look at the different SAP modules and the associated career paths in them.

SAP has twenty-five modules and adding. But not all the twenty-five modules are implemented in every company. The most implemented modules are the one which contains more job opportunities. They are

1. SAP finance:

SAP financial accounting helps in the boost of financial management in organizations. Finance plays an important role in every business. It will be stressful to manage entire financial accounting by human beings. If you are from the commerce or finance background and has 6 months domain experience then SAP finance is the correct module.

2. SAP material management:

It covers business functions as procurement or purchasing or inventory management. Almost all the major manufacturing firms implement SAP with SAP MM module. To become SAP mm professional you need to understand the business process in material management.

3. SAP sales & distribution:

It covers business functions such as inquiry, quotation, sales order management, and credit and debits memos. If major is marketing, sales & distribution techniques, channel management is done here SAP SD is the right choice.

4. SAP production & planning:

It covers all the aspects of production, including the time it takes to set up a machine, the product manufacturing time as well as labor hours consumed in producing a product. SAP PP is an important module for SAP. A prospect must have business knowledge in the area of supply chain planning & manufacturing.

5. SAP human capital management:

It offers a complete and integrated set of tools to help you effectively manage your people. With SAP HCM we can automate the HR processes. If you are proficient in knowledge of business process in the area of human resources, then SAP HCM is perfect SAP module for you.

6. SAP advanced business application programming:

ABAP is a high-level 4th generation programming language created by SAP. It is currently used as the language for programming the SAP application server. The best part of ABAP certification is that you need not necessarily have any prior work experience before undergoing training.

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